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Summer rain more suction dirty car driving car maintenance

Date :2017-12-12 Views :1330 times

   Master Lu Zhang, who has been engaged in the maintenance of sewage suction vehicles for many years, said that if the rain enters the car from the sealing strip of the door or baggage compartment, this is due to the aging of the rubber strip, fracture or distortion, loss of elasticity, and can not play a sealing role, it should be replaced or repaired with a special binder。

  If there has been a collision somewhere in the body of the suction car, and it has not been repaired well, it will often make the suction door seal is not tight and lead to water leakage。

  The joint between the windshield and the body is sometimes leaky, which is caused by the aging failure of the original sealant, or the uneven coating of the sealant when the windshield is installed。

  There will also be water leakage in the front coaming of the engine compartment, in the downsink of the front windscreen and in the cabin floor。There are some processing holes on the front coaming plate of the engine compartment and on the cabin floor, and there are generally rubber jams on these holes. If these jams fall off, rain may enter the car through these holes when it rains heavily。If there is accumulated dust, leaves and other debris in the gutter of the front windshield, it will block the water hole and make the rain overflow into the car cabin。

When it rains, the cold air should be turned on, which can not only remove the fog, but also the function of dehumidification。In addition to opening the air conditioner to dehumidify the car, it is better to buy a simple dehumidification box, so that the parts of the car are not easy to be damp after the night, and the newspaper and toilet paper can be rolled into a bundle on the front and back foot pads and in the suitcase, which also has the effect of dehumidification。


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